Ayo Residence by Elif Arslan Interiors


The house is designed for a young couple who asks for a house that is modern and stylish. Their first privilege is to emphasise the core of the staircase with transparent balustrate where you can also see formal living room through the entrance. Marble that is used for the treads of the staircase continued through the kitchen from entrance.


At the entrance,wood joints have been used on the walls where turns into TV cabinet in the formal living room. The formal living room is divided into 3 parts with firecase unit, dining part and TV part. Tv part looks through the garden where green reflects to inside of the house. On the fireplace, a small casual sitting unit have been used where you can see bronze mirror doors of dining room cabinet.


In the kitchen, dark greyish blue is combined with gri top cabinets with rustic handles. This rustic handle turns around of all the kitchen island and as a plinth.


Bathrooms are designed with the same language of the whole house by using dark cabinets with rustic handles. In the master bedroom, a dark brown textured wooden head defines the room with dark covered bed and a dressing room with glass cabinets.